Colour Reflection Reading

Via Email – €30.00

Which colours attract you and which colours do you like best?

The Colour Reflection Reading is a selection process choosing colours which attract you based on your preference for colour at the present time.

A colour reading can be very helpful and offers you insight into your personality and helps you understand yourself better.  It can help you with the challenges you face in life and point you in the right direction.

Colour has a powerful influence in our lives. It reflects our personality, influences our mood and affects our emotions. Colour can be used to bring balance and harmony into our lives. Colours have a vibration or energy which can relax or stimulate us. When we see colour, impulses travel down the optic nerve and are processed in the brain where we recognise colour and form a response to them.

Chakras are energy centres found in the midline of our body. The chakras are specialized channels of colour force.


If you feel at a crossroads in your life and don’t know what to do the Colour Reflection Reading will help you find some clarity in your life and give you direction. You will get a detailed report containing years of research I have done over many years.

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Helene is a highly qualified professional with a warm and beautiful personality. It is within her natural ability to make you feel comfortable and safe. Her studio has a pleasant and calming atmosphere. Along with Helene’s authentic energy, I admire her passion for helping and healing other people. She is unpretentious and compassionate.

I have booked several Reiki sessions with her and they were all extremely helpful, revealing and inspiring and as a result, I went on to complete Reiki 1 and 2 with Helene as well.

I have also had a colour reading with Helene which I thoroughly enjoyed and provided me with so much truthful insight into my life at the current moment. It absolutely confirmed how I felt and what I needed and in particular, Helene directed me in detail of what I must do. It was an answer to all my “cloudy” feelings and uncertainties. Helene has been an Angel by my side when I have needed it the most.

Carmen Terburg - The Netherlands