Colour Analysis Wrong Colour

Colour Analysis will help you;

Feel more confident about yourself and the way you look. Expanding your choice of colours in dress.  Avoid mistakes hanging in your wardrobe and know exactly what you are looking for when shopping saving you time and money.

You will receive information specific to your season regarding neutral, basic, bright and light colours, personality, leather goods, jewellery and makeup.

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Colour Analysis

Duration One Hour – €40.00

Colour is the first thing that people notice about you. Wearing the right outfit in the right colour means that your first impression will leave a lasting impression. The benefits of wearing the right colour include an improved complexion with diminished lines and wrinkles and having a positive self image.

Colour Analysis will lift your natural colouring, help you look better and feel your best at all times by wearing colours that suit you.  The process involves being draped with different coloured fabrics to find the range of colours which best complement your eyes, hair and skin tone.  This will identify which “season” you belong to. You will see how some colours flatter and some don’t.

Colour Analysis Correct Colour

“Never realised how much thought goes into colour, very impressed and enlightened, much enjoyed, will take on board”.

Carol Swann, Benissa