Thai Foot Reflexology

Duration 1 Hour – €40.00

Thai Foot Reflexology – An ancient technique based upon ancient Chinese foot massage that has been used for over 3000 years.  Using the hands, thumbs and knuckles as well as a special wooden reflexology stick, stimulates areas of the foot which correspond to organs of the body.  The Thai reflexology stick really gets deep into the reflex.

Thai Foot Reflexology also involves massaging the lower legs which also balances and harmonises the flow of energy around the body and frees up blocked energy within the sen (energy lines/meridians).

Thai Foot Massage is very thorough in its techniques and is generally provided as a proactive way of maintaining and improving health.


Deep relaxation, improving circulation, while boosting the lymphatic system. Reduces stress and tension, helping you to sleep better.
Promotes good health, invigorating and aids detoxing of the body, while balancing the nervous system and improving the skin tone.

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“Amazing therapist and trainer. Highly professional, internationally accredited and an absolute natural healer. Highly recommended.”

Francesca Canzano – Founder and Director Shen Mantra – UK